Top 18 WordPress Smooth Plugins

  • Smooth Page Scroll to Top

    With this plugin you can simply have a Smooth Page Scroll "to Top" in your blog :)

  • ShowTime Slideshow

    This plugin displays all images attached to a post/page as an animated slideshow.

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  • Smooth Scroll Links [SSL]

    This plugin will give special smooth scroll effect to your **BACK TO TOP**, **TOP TO BOTTOM** like links. It also has capacity to add such links in yo

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  • Page Transition

    Page Transition is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add page transition using CSS3 animations. Show your page with modern animations.

  • Page Animations And Transitions

    Page Animations And Transition is provide multiple Animation effect to your WordPress site. Show your page with stylish transition.

  • ZD Pre Loader

    Simple and nice pre-loading effect for your wordpress site.

  • Smooth Accordion

    Simple and easy collapse accordion plugin for post and page.

  • smooth-mousewheel-scroll

    You can adjust the scroll of the mouse wheel smoothly. (??? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???.)

    no screenshot found
  • Scroll Progress Bar

    Scroll Progress Bar displays a visual indicator of your location on a page. You may also activate smooth scroll.

  • Smoothscroller

    This plugin adds a smooth scroll effect to anchor links on the same page. Options to add the effect globally or on certain posts/pages.

  • Post List Widget

    Adds a list of posts of the current page. when you click on one, it smoothly scrolls to the post.

    no screenshot found
  • Smooth Scroller

    Add smooth scroller in your website.

    no screenshot found

Let us know below in the comments if we missed any smooth plugins in our list.

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