Top 18 WordPress Sort Plugins

  • Post Types Order

    Post Order and custom Post Type Objects (posts, any custom post types) using a Drag and Drop Sortable JavaScript AJAX interface.

  • Simple Sitemap

    Powerful but simple to use HTML sitemap. Display site content in one or more lists separated by post type, customized via flexible filters.

  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager

    Manages WooCommerce Checkout

  • Nested Pages

    Nested Pages provides a drag and drop interface for managing pages & posts in the WordPress admin, while maintaining quick edit functionality.

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  • Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus

    Upgrades the next/previous post link functions to reorder or loop adjacent post navigation links, display post thumbnails, and customize link format.

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  • Custom Taxonomy Sort

    Custom Taxonomy Sort allows you to explicitly control the sort order of all taxonomy terms.

  • WP Post Sorting

    This plugin allows sorting of posts alphabetically, customizable for each category.

  • WP Social Blogroll

    WP Social Blogroll adds a social blogroll to your blog. It will follow and display all updates of the sites in your blogroll.

  • Super Post

    For any post type and any other extended options for displaying your site post in a better way.

  • Anything Order

    Reorder any post types and taxonomies with drag and drop.

  • default-sort-ascend

    This plugin changes the default order of queries generating posts from descending to ascending.

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  • Ambrosite Next/Previous Page Link Plus

    Creates two new template tags for generating next/previous page navigation links.

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  • WP Posts Filter

    With WP Posts Filter you can display posts of certain categories and tags in a page.

  • Filter Pages by parent in admin

    Filter pages in the wp-admin by their parent pages

  • Sort Query Posts

    Sort posts on-the-fly without making a new SQL query

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  • WP Smart Sort

    WP Smart sort offers advanced sorting of posts in your blog. Sort posts by Title, Date, Comment count, Custom Fields and more.

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  • I Order Terms

    Allows theme developers to add order/sort functionality for categories, tags and custom taxonomies.

  • Archive Posts Sort Customize

    Customize the display order of the list of Archive Posts.

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