Top 15 WordPress Sorting Plugins

  • Custom Taxonomy Order NE

    Allows for the ordering of categories and custom taxonomy terms through a simple drag-and-drop interface

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  • WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options

    Rename the default product sorting option and add up to 6 new sorting options including alphabetical and on-sale sorting.

  • WP Post Sorting

    This plugin allows sorting of posts alphabetically, customizable for each category.

  • Post Sorter

    WordPress plugin for easily sorting of posts or pages by numeric factor or custom mechanism.

  • The Taxonomy Sort

    Allows you to easily change the order of different taxonomies/terms/categories.

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  • WP App Studio

    WP App Studio is a Visual WordPress Development Platform for building custom post types, fields, taxonomies, widgets, forms, notifications, charts ...

  • WooCommerce More Sorting

    WooCommerce More Sorting is a plugin that extends the WooCommerce by adding more product sorting options.

  • Order Your Posts Manually

    Order your Posts Manually by Dragging and Dropping them

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  • Posts Order Widget

    Add the ability to sort the posts by context rather than descending date.

  • Tag or Category term_group Order

    Adds a group field to tags and categories, allowing to sort them based on term_group order.

  • Smart Category Ordering

    Allows you to alphabetize categories by post title, by trimming leading text, by post date.

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  • Portfolio Magic

    Easy And Responsive Filterable Portfolio

  • WP Sort Posts

    Add the ability to sort the posts in the archives of your blog!

  • Ultimate Metabox Tabs

    Ultimate Metabox Tabs allows for keeping your post/page and ACF options user friendly for your client with the use of tabs.

  • Sorting WooCommerce Lite

    Sorting WooCommerce Lite edition allows you to change the labels of the default sorting dropdown menu options or hide the sorting menu completely.

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