Top 20 WordPress Sql Plugins

  • Adminer

    Adminer is a full-featured MySQL management tool written in PHP. This plugin include this tool in WordPress.

  • MimeTypes Link Icons

    Adds icons automatically to any uploads and/or file links inserted into your blog posts.

  • SQL Executioner

    Execute arbitrary SQL queries against your WordPress database from the Admin.

  • myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin

    Automate your WordPress, website & database backups using the myRepono remote website backup service.

  • Keep Backup Daily

    This plugin will backup the mysql tables and email to a specified email address daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

  • Enlighter - Customizable Syntax Highlighter

    Simple post syntax-highlighted code using the EnlighterJS Javascript Plugin.

  • TentBlogger Optimize WordPress Database

    Note: This plugin is no longer under active development. If you're interested in maintaining it, please contact me.

  • Simple Wordpress Backup

    Simple Wordpress Backup allows you to back up your WordPress Database with just one click!

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  • SQL Export

    Export a bzipped mysqldump output from WordPress admin interface.

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  • DBC Backup 2

    DBC Backup 2 is a safe & simple way to schedule regular WordPress database backups using the wp-cron batch jobs.

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    MySQL interface. Create forms to insert, update and search. Embed tables or single values into pages. Foreign keys. Password records. Send email.

  • Debug Objects

    The Plugin Debug Objects provides a large number of information: query, cache, cron, constants, hooks, functions and many more.

  • EZ SQL Reports Shortcode Widget and DB Backup

    Create and save SQL Reports in your WP Admin and place them on pages and posts with a shortcode. Keep your database safe with automatic backups.

  • MiwoSQL - Database & SQL Manager

    MiwoSQL is a simple and fast database management plugin that operates by executing SQL queries from the back-end of WordPress.

  • WordPress SQL Backup

    WP Backup is a plugin that allows you to easily preform an sql backup and and create a tar and gzipped backup of your /wp-content/ directory from with

  • dbview

    Presents the results of a database query in a table. The query can be saved as a view which can then be embedded in any post using a shortcode. Views

  • info

    Plugin shows in the admin bar the number of SQL queries, the amount of time in seconds and memory load.

  • WP MySQL Console

    WP MySQL Console is a web shell to operate databases such as mysql command shell for developers. Its most original way to operate DBs, you should try.

  • Debug Queries

    List query-actions only for admins; for debug purposes

  • EZ Backup

    Keep your database safe with scheduled backups. Multiple option for off-site backups also available.

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