Top 13 WordPress Sticky Header Plugins

  • myStickymenu

    This modern lightweight plugin will made your menu or header sticky on top of page, after desired number of pixels when scrolled.

  • WPFront Notification Bar

    Easily lets you create a bar on top or bottom to display a notification.

  • Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll

    Sticky Menu (Or Anything!) On Scroll will let you choose any element on your page that will be "sticky" at the top once you scroll down.

  • WordPress Notification Bar

    A quick and easy notification bar and call to action for your site.

  • Sticky Header by ThematoSoup

    Sticky Header by ThematoSoup allows you to add sticky header to any WordPress theme.

  • Scrollbar Designer

    Get rid of boring scrollbar and make your own Custom Scrollbar for your website.

  • Quick Notice Bar

    This plugin will help you to display a sticky message in your site

  • WP Notification Bars

    Create custom notification and alert bar for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.

  • Peanut Butter Bar (smooth version)

    Peanut Butter Bar allows you to attach sticky bars to the roof of your site that stays visible no matter how far a user scrolls.

  • Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon

    Get maximum control over your sticky header. Set your menu, your colors, backgrounds or transparency, your logo and much more!

  • Nmedia Sticky Header/Footer Plugin

    Nmedia Sticky Header/Footer is VERY light and simple Plugin which allow to place contents on Top/Bottom with sticky div.

  • WordPress Easy Sticky Notification Bar

    Add an elegant, responsive and clean sticky notification bar on the top of your WordPress site by using the Easy Sticky Notification Bar plugin.

  • Notification Bar

    Notification Bar plugin is beautifully designed with focus on ease of use,takes only 30 seconds, No developer logo.

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