Top 17 WordPress Stock Photos Plugins

  • Pixabay Images

    Find quality CC0 Public Domain images for commercial use, and add them to your blog with just a click - attribution is voluntary.

  • Sell Media

    Sell photos, prints, videos and pdf's online through WordPress in seconds. Everything you need to sell your photography online.

  • Dreamstime Stock Photos

    Search and insert images into your posts and pages from Dreamstime's vast database of Free and Royalty-Free stock photos & illustrations.

  • WP iSell Photo

    Easily Sell photos, images, digital print etc. using the built-in WordPress gallery feature. Convert your WordPress gallery into a photo store.

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  • Microstock Photo Plugin

    Easily add stock photos to your blog without leaving Wordpress. Buy photos from Depositphotos, Fotolia and iStock within seconds.

  • Pixabay Images Gallery

    Show a set of beautiful and free images from Pixabay justified in a responsive grid layout.

  • Free Stock Photos by

    Find a perfect stock photo from over 3 million free photos on and insert it to your post directly by just a few clicks.

  • Symbiostock - Sell Your Images!

    Symbiostock allows artists, illustrators and photographers to sell their photographs, vectors and stock images online quickly and easily.

  • Wordpress Stock Images by grfx

    Extends Woocommerce to allow you to mass-upload and sell stock images. Sell your images professionally and easily.

  • Microstock Powersearch Plugin

    The Microstock Powersearch Plugin makes it quick and easy to find awesome and affordable stock photographs from microstock photography agencies.

  • Free Photos Plugin

    The current version of the "Free Photos" plugin from Fotoglif has reached end of life and no longer functions with the site. We apolo

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  • 123RF

    Easily add stock photos to your blog posts without leaving WordPress. Choose from millions of stock photos from 123RF.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite stock photos plugins.

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