Top 18 WordPress Swf Plugins

  • Easy FancyBox

    Easily enable the FancyBox jQuery extension on just about all media links. Multi-Site compatible. Supports iFrame and Flash movies.

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  • Kimili Flash Embed

    Provides a WordPress interface for SWFObject 2, the best way to embed Flash content on any site.

  • wordTube

    wordTube is your Media Center plugin for WordPress.

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  • WP-SWFObject

    Insert Flash Movies into WordPress.

  • SwfObj Plugin: for embedding Flash objects

    Insert Flash content into WordPress using shortcodes.

  • Flash Video Player

    The flash video plugin for WordPress allows the addition of video (and other media) to a WordPress website using standards-compliant markup and the le

  • Stream Video Player

    Stream Video Player for WordPress its one stop solution for high quality video publishing for web or iOS.

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  • Easy Flash Embed

    Embed Flash easily and standard compliant with SWFObject using only a [swf] shortcode!

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  • Allow Swf Upload

    Allow Admin to Upload SWF file

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  • NextGEN-FlashViewer

    The famous Adobe Flash Plugins from Airtight Interactive for NextGEN Gallery. This plugin is not being actively developed at this time!

  • Top Flash Embed

    Easily embed SWF Movies from Media Library or external SWFs into posts or pages through rich editor using shortcodes.

  • swfObject Reloaded

    Allows easy embedding (shortcode inserted via Add Media button while posting) and better management of swf files.

  • WP Flash

    Innserts the Adobe Flash animation into WordPress blog posts, pages and RSS feeds.

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  • HTML5 and Flash Video Player

    The html5 and flash video plugin for WordPress allows the addition of video (and other media) to a WordPress website, now you can also watch videos in

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  • Smart Video

    A plugin for WordPress to display flash videos. Such as TuDou, QQ Video, Ku6, Sina Video, YouKu, Sohu Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Mofile and so on.

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  • Plugin Name

    XHTML Video Embed is replaced by XVE Various Embed:

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  • JJ SwfObject

    Allows you to insert a swf file using a widget or a shortcode using the swfobject library.

  • Flash Show And Hide Box

    Flash Show And Hide Box lets we very convenient embed flash, and control it show and hide.

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