Top 11 WordPress Switch Plugins

  • pTypeConverter

    This plugin, a complete reworking of my old plugin p2pConverter, allows you to

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  • Device Theme Switcher

    Set a separate theme for handheld and tablet devices under Appearance > Device Themes

  • WPTB Language

    With this plugin you can easily switch the WordPress language. It will download and install the language files from the WP Repository as needed.

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  • Flag Icons

    Flags Icons Language Switcher.

  • Localize WordPress

    Easily switch to any localization from GlotPress

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  • Theme Switch and Preview

    Allows admins or all visitors to switch the blog theme. Has a restricted preview mode for your clients and includes a widget.

  • Menu Swapper

    The Menu Swapper allows you to register custom theme locations and easily swap menus on individual Pages or Posts, all through the WordPress Admin Pan

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  • Fast Page Switch

    Save time switching between posts & pages in admin.

  • Flags Widget

    A simple plug-in that displays flag icons that link to other language versions of your blog.

  • R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher

    Enables individual user selection and setting of dashboard language: at logon, in admin with a toolbar menu, or by user profile setting.

  • Maintenance Switch

    Switch easily and simply in maintenance mode from your backend or frontend.

Should we add any switch plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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