Top 16 WordPress Tag Cloud Plugins

  • Random Tags Cloud Widget

    Random Tags Cloud displays your tags by selecting randomly. Of course, you can customize other tag cloud's settings.

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  • Rounded Tag Cloud

    If you are using standard version of WordPress tag cloud widget, you may feel boring or dislike its look-and-feel. This 'rounded tag cloud' widget off

  • Resize tag cloud

    Allows for resizing of tag cloud font sizes from within the admin panel.

  • Search Tag Cloud

    Show a Tag Cloud displaying the most popular searches performed by your users in your blog.

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  • Netlife's Tag Cloud (FatCloud)

    Netlife's Flash Tag Cloud plugin for WordPress - FatCloud! Wordle your WordPress. Beautiful tag clouds that are accessible & SEO friendly.

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  • Keywords Cloud for WordPress

    A WordPress widget able to store and display in a tag cloud the keywords that your site visitors are using to reach your site's pages.

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  • Cloudy Tags

    Displays a tag cloud with a cloudy look.

  • Technorati Tag Cloud for WordPress 2.3

    This plugin allows the user to display a Technorati tag cloud instead of the native tag cloud in WordPress 2.3.

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  • TagALLY-for-WP

    It is a very distinctive tag cloud plugin, it can shine, pop up related-tip, and link you and others through tags.

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  • My Tag Cloud

    My tag cloud provides you with a widget that actually gives you the ability to list the tags of your posts in a diiferent way than a tag cloud.

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  • Technorati Tag Cloud Widget for WordPress 2.3

    This plugin adds a widget that enables the user to add a Technorati tag cloud in their sidebar.

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  • Thoth's Suggested Tags

    Thoth's Suggested Tags is a WordPress plugin that recommends tags by scanning a post and displaying recurring words and phrases as a tag cloud.

  • Skin Tags

    Want to right-justify the tag cloud in style but the non-breaking spaces get in the way? Skin those tags!

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  • CumulusJq

    Cumulus using jQuery

  • LcTags

    LcTags is an editable flash template for wordpress tags. LcTags allow you to display wordpress tags in a nice flash presentation. You can choose colo

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