Top 16 WordPress Text Slider Plugins

  • Smooth Slider

    Free WordPress Slider Plugin to Create Image Slider, Post Slider, Content Slider, Video Slideshow with Responsive Design

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  • WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel

    A quick, easy way to add and display mulipale WP Slick Slider and carousel using a shortcode.

  • Simple HTML Slider

    SHTML slide plugin is a simple but very easy to use flexible and elegant slider plugin for WordPress.

  • WP Contact Slider

    Simple contact slider to display Contact form 7, Gravity forms or plain text or HTML.

  • Content Grid Slider

    A fully responsive carousel type Content Slider with Grid layout. Showcase and spotlight your services or products with this awesome slider.

  • Vertical Tab Slider

    A very attractive and cool looking tabbing slider which gives a user to rotate their images and description in slides with great effect.

  • StudyPress

    The easy way to create pretty multimedia lessons, quizzes and sliders.

  • Simple AL Slider

    Simple AL Slider is a great wordpress plugin and easy in setup. It will not only show your images but also represet your text info.

  • Animated AL List

    It helps you to create beautiful dynamic menu(link list/text information/images/icons).It will revive your site and let users look at your page anew.

  • Subitem AL Slider

    Subitem AL Slider is an excellent wordpress plugin with lots of capabilities. You can manipulate with chains of actions applied to item.

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  • VP Slider

    VP Slider is simple lightweight plugin. It is easy to use. This plugin you can use any where via shortcode.

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