Top 17 WordPress Uploads Plugins

  • Add From Server

    "Add From Server" is a quick plugin which allows you to import media & files into the WordPress uploads manager from the Webservers file

  • WP Offload S3

    Copies files to Amazon S3 as they are uploaded to the Media Library. Optionally configure Amazon CloudFront for faster delivery.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

    SVG files are two-dimensional vector graphics, that can be both static and dynamic. This plugin allows your to easily use them on your site.

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  • WP Image Size Limit

    Adds a new setting under Settings -> Media where an admin can set a maximum upload file size for image files.

  • WP Document Revisions

    A document management and version control plugin for WordPress that allows teams of any size to collaboratively edit files and manage their workflow.

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  • Media Categories

    Categorize media in the same way you categorize posts and links.

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  • Protect uploads

    Protect your uploads directory to people who want to browse it. Avoid browsing of your uploads directory by adding a htaccess or index.php file.

  • Amazon S3 for WordPress

    Allows you to mirror your WordPress media uploads over to Amazon S3 for storage and delivery.

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  • Secure Folder wp-content/uploads

    This is simple plugin to protect your wp-content/uploads folder from being browse & copy

  • Amazon S3 for WordPress with CloudFront

    Uploads your wordpress attachements to S3 with an option CloudFront distribution

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  • Overwrite Uploads

    Overwrites files that already exist when uploading, instead of storing multiple copies with unique filenames.

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  • ReadyMade WordPress Importer

    Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.

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  • Media Vault

    Protect attachment files from direct access using powerful and flexible restrictions. Offer safe download links for any file in your uploads folder.

  • S3Bubble Amazon S3 Video And Audio Streaming With Analytics

    S3Bubble offers secure, Media Streaming from Amazon S3 to WordPress.

  • UploadPlus : File Name Cleaner

    Clean file names and enhance security while uploading.

  • Uploads Folder

    *Retired* - Changes your uploads subfolders to more natural paths that are unique to posts and pages.

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  • Enable Image Scaling on Upload

    This enables you to set maximum height and width dimensions for images uploaded through WordPress.

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