Top 13 WordPress User Agent Plugins

  • WP-UserAgent

    A simple User-Agent detection plugin that lets you easily insert icons and/or textual web browser and operating system details with each comment.

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  • Show UserAgent

    Show visitors' IP to Country Flag, Web Browser, Operating System icons on WordPreess comment list.

  • Comment Info Detector

    Enables you to detect your commenter?s info and show their country flag, web browser, operating system icons automatically.

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  • Quick Browscap

    Quick Browscap allows you to quickly get detailed browser capabilities from user agent string.

  • Advanced User Agent Displayer

    This wordpress plugin adds user agent information to your blog comments by adding browser and platform icons and lets visitors know the user agent of

  • Bluagent

    Block Custom User Agent

  • Awebsome Browser Selector for CACHING

    This is an add-on plugin which lets Awebsome! Broswer Selector work on sites that employ caching.

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  • FL3R User Agent Comments

    Show the browser and the operating system of your users in the comments and create a chain of comments most beautiful and interesting to read!

  • TeledirWidgets

    Displays informations according to the ip of the visitor like the county, the city, a map, the ip and the user agent as a nice summup in the sidebar o

  • User Agent Displayer

    the User Agent Displayer plugin displays the Browser and the operating system, user used to leave a comment.

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  • SWFAgent

    This plugin changes the unique theme way of thinking and propose a user-agent dependant switching theme. You'll be able to change the theme of yo

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  • UserAgent Content Switcher

    Display the html written between the shortcode of each user agent.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite user agent plugins.

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