Top 17 WordPress User Roles Plugins

  • WPFront User Role Editor

    Easily allows you to manage WordPress user roles. You can create, edit, delete and manage capabilities, also copy existing roles.

  • Ultimate Member

    The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress

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  • Webmaster User Role

    Adds a new "Admin" user role between Administrator and Editor. Perfect for clients and those who know just enough to be dangerous.

  • User Roles and Capabilities

    Manage user roles and Capabilities, create new roles and change default role.

  • WP User Manager

    WP User Manager is the best solution to manage your users and create front-end profiles for your members.

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  • User Role by BestWebSoft

    User Role plugin allows to change wordpress user role capabilities.

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  • jonimo Simple Redirect

    Easily redirect users with specific roles to any url, page, tag or category a set number of times when they login or logout.

  • WPF-Login

    WPF-Login allows a user to create a custom login page, or insert the default login form into the currently activated theme.

  • WP Essentials

    All-in-one bundle of essential plugins and functions for all WordPress websites.

  • Editorial Access Manager

    Allow for granular editorial access control for all post types in WordPress

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  • Multiple Roles

    Allow users to have multiple roles on one site.

  • Remove ADD NEW POST Capability

    This plugin specifically disables all non-admin users (with posting capability), from creating and adding new POSTS from the user dashboard.

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  • A Staff List Plugin

    A simple plugin that creates a widget area and a widget that helps you display your staff names and roles

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  • WelcomeUser!

    Add commonly seen user login links and welcome messages to the meta / utility section of your blog.

  • Rename groups

    That plugin provides easy renaming of user roles.

  • GM Site Admin

    This plugin creates a Site Administrator user role.

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