Top 10 WordPress Usermeta Plugins

  • User Meta

    WordPress user management plugin. Custom user profile,registration with extra fields. Custom Login, Import/export users from/to csv and many more.

  • User Meta Manager

    Add, edit, or delete user meta data with this handy plugin. Easily restrict access or insert user meta data into posts or pages and more. Get the Pro

  • Import User Meta Data from CSV

    Bulk import user meta data from a text list ( csv ) - checking for missing users & existing usermeta data to avoid duplicates.

  • Post Meta Manager

    A simple utility plugin for changing or deleting post or user meta (custom fields) keys in bulk.

  • Whereabouts

    Users can set their current location via the WordPress dashboard. A widget displays the location and the corresponding time (zone).

  • Add User Meta

    This plugin simply adds additional keys to the user meta table upon registration.

  • Shared User Table Roles

    Share user roles when sharing the user table between multiple installations.

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  • Hikari Tools Framework

    A plugin development framework with a lot of reusable code and a nice settings page builder.

  • mmbrs

    Restrict content access using shortcodes; based on roles, capabilities, user meta, and logged in status.

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  • WPSH User Meta View

    This plugin allows an admin to create simple table reports from the usermeta database table.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any usermeta plugins in our list.

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