Top 10 WordPress Value Plugins

  • Contact Form 7 Customfield in mail

    This plugin provides a new tag type for the Contact Form 7 Plugin. It allows the use of customfields from a post to be used in the mail section

  • Custom Field Widget

    The Custom Field Widget displays values of custom field keys, allowing post- and page-specific meta sidebar content with limitless applications.

  • Advanced Custom Field Widget

    The Advanced Custom Field Widget is an extension of the Custom Field Widget by Scott Wallick, and displays values of custom field keys.

  • WP-301

    Easily 301 redirect any page or URL on your website to a new location anywhere on the internet.

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  • db-form

    Simple plugIn to submit entries to a database.

  • Ninja Forms Unique Textbox

    Extend Ninja Forms' functionality by allowing textbox field to have unique values.

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  • Custom Fields Spreadsheet

    A WordPress plugin which gives you all of your custom fields in a single, customizable spreadsheet view.

  • Blog or Website Value Calculator

    Blog or Website Value Calculator is a plug-in that gives you a nice tidy widget to display your blog's current estimated value in dollars

  • Simple Site Valuation

    This plugin will allow you create an badge showing your site's valuation and/or some key seo data ... more here:

  • Custom Field Cookie

    This plugin checks for all custom keys in page/post ending with _Custom_Field_Cookie, writes key as cookie name & value as cookie value.

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