Top 10 WordPress Version Plugins

  • Replace WP-Version

    Replace the WP-version with a random string < WP 2.4/5 and eliminate WP-version > WP 2.4/5, also on Feed and style- and script-urls

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  • Better Plugin Compatibility Control

    Adds version compatibility info to the plugins page to inform the admin at a glance if a plugin is compatible with the current WP version.

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  • Hide WordPress Version

    Removes your WordPress version from various places.

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  • Meta Generator and Version Info Remover

    This plugin will remove the version info appended to enqueued style and script urls along with Meta Generator in the head section and in RSS feeds.

  • Remove WP version everywhere

    Removes Wordpress and version from post, pages and RSS

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  • Display PHP Version

    Displays the current PHP version in the "At a Glance" admin dashboard widget.

  • Mail On Update

    Sends an e-Mail to one or multiple administrators if new updates of plugins are available.

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  • Remove Version

    Remove the WordPress version number from Meta, RSS, and Javascript & CSS parameters to increase security and thwart potential hacks.

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  • wp secure

    Wordpress Security Plugin - Perform over 23 Basic Security Activities for your blog and get a free malware scan at the same time! See more details at

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  • Remove WP version and shortlink

    Removes Wordpress and version and short link

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite version plugins.

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