Top 10 WordPress Vocabulary Plugins

  • CM Tooltip Glossary

    Easily create a Glossary, Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of your terms and show tooltip when users hover over. Many powerful features

  • Wordpress Tooltips

    Wordpress tooltip appear custom hover box when the user hovers the pointer over an item, You can add tooltips for post title/content/excerpt/tags/arch

  • Explanatory Dictionary

    This plugin is used when there are words, words expressions or sentences to be explained via tooltips in the posts or pages of your wordpress blog.

  • Easy Flashcards

    Easy Flashcard Plugin allows you to easily create,design and manage flashcards for your wordpress site.

  • Link to Dictionary Meaning

    Quickly set links to Bee English Dictionary definitions of words/phrases containing meaning, audio, phonetics, usages and other informations.

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  • Russian Word of the Day Widget

    Russian Word of the Day Widget

  • Random Vocab

    Learn New words while developing your website.

  • Vocabulary Words

    Become a more persuasive writer & speaker ... build your confidence and intellect ... just by spending 10 VERY enjoyable minutes a day

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  • Pauker

    This plugin adds a widget that displays a random flash card from a Pauker data set and a second widget to display stats. See http://pauker.sourceforge

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  • Pauker Stats

    OBSOLETE! Moved everything to the Pauker Plugin!

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite vocabulary plugins.

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