Top 17 WordPress Voip Plugins

  • Contact Call Plugin - Voice Plugin for Websites

    FREE Call-Us button lets your web visitors call you from their browser or local access numbers in 40+ countries. Answer on Skype, GTalk or any phone.

  • Mumble Channel Viewer

    Shows your Mumble server's channels and who's connected. It also displays status icons (i.e. if a user is muted or deafened).

  • WP Call Me

    Take calls from your website with an easy to install click to call button.

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  • Click To Call Me

    Click To Call Me is a plug-in developed by Gloobo and XeniaLAB, that allows your website visitors to call you for free, from everywhere in the world,

  • WP phone

    Take calls on your website.

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  • Vivocha Activation Tool

    Vivocha is a cloud-based service, tailored to businesses looking to engage their customers online, using chat, voice and video.

  • WordPhone

    A WordPress plugin that allows you to embed a phone on your blog!

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  • SIP phone Web

    SIP telephone web plugin.

  • Voip Call Charges Lite

    The plugin allows a user to install a VoIP Call Charges calculator by widget or short-code.

  • Website Callback

    Allow potential customers to initiate a call direct from your office to them on the web.

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    Monetize your know-how with paid audio or video communication. People can call you for advice and you get paid per minute.

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  • Wordibbit

    Wordibbit - Add Two-legged click-to-call functionality. Your end user submits their phone number and connects to your configured phone number.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite voip plugins missing from our list.

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