Top 12 WordPress Wrapper Plugins

  • WP Wrapper

    Wrapper for WordPress pages using iFrame. Various options in admin panel

  • iframe Wrapper

    A small little plugin to embed an auto resizing iframe into a WordPress page or post.

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  • flickr-slideshow-wrapper

    Including standard flickr slideshows into your blog. Call your Flickr slideshow by adding [set_id=XYZ] to your content.

  • HS Tag Cloud

    With this plugin you are able to print out a tag cloud in a page or post.

  • PHPBB Single Sign On

    Authenticate in Wordpress and phpBB at the same time

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  • OpenEstate PHP-Wrapper

    This plugin integrates your properties from OpenEstate-ImmoTool into your WordPress blog.

  • Intro Wrapper

    Wrap your intro text in a DIV element with the class "intro"

  • flowplayer-wrapper

    Including standard videos via flowplayer into your blog. Version 1.1.2 or higher are requiring PHP5.

  • headwaythemes-filter-wrapper

    Possibility for non-programmers to use some filters through the setting's panel of this plugin.

  • SR-Wrapper

    This plugin allows page authors to easily demonstrate shortcodes in their posts and pages by wrapping them inside a shortcode that does -- well, nothi

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  • Woocommerce Woowrap

    Wraps Woocommerce in Bootstrap classes using the SASS @extend directive.

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  • OpSt ezyThick

    Shortcode interface to the built in Thickbox module. Simplifies the use of Thickbox when creating popups with inline content.

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